About the Lung meridian

The Lung Meridian is part of the Metal phase in which energy is contracting and becoming solid.

The Lungs use contraction to inhale oxygen to nourish the blood and exhale carbon dioxide.

When balanced, the Lung meridian enables us to take leave of old sorrows, regret and griefs. And as a result, we feel more optimistic, joyful and trusting in ourselves and others.

Lung MeridianElement: Metal
Season: Autumn
Colour: White
Taste : Pungent (like the taste of raw radish)
Time of day: 3am – 5am
Complementary meridian: Large Intestine

Symptoms of a deficiency in the Lung Meridian:

  • lacking vitality
  • depressed – feeling hopeless
  • drooped shoulders
  • sore thumbs
  • weak arms
  • pale skin
  • lack of circulation
  • sighing
  • grieving
  • heavy head

Symptoms of an excess in the Lung Meridian

  • straining
  • tightness or pain in chest
  • over-optimistic
  • nasal congestion
  • obsessed with anxiety over small details
  • bent arms
  • holding breath
  • insomnia

Shiatsu, which is often regarded as “acupuncture without needles’, uses supportive acupressure to balance the meridian system, enabling the body to heal itself and return to homeostasis or equilibrium.

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