About the Kidney meridian

The Kidney Meridian when in balance can be likened to the ability to move through the world feeling confident and motivated.

If you’ve ever skated and known the feeling of gliding along effortlessly with only the slightest push needed to get you going.
Kidney Meridian

However, when the Kidney meridian is not functioning well (either deficient or overactive), we are prone to stress, fear and anxiety, which inhibit our capacity to act.

Element: Water.
Season: Winter
Colour: Blue
Taste: Salty
Time of day: 5pm – 7pm
Complementary meridian: Bladder Meridian

Symptoms of a deficiency in the Kidney Meridian

  • fear of action
  • night sweats splitting hair
  • pain in lumbar area
  • puffy under eyes
  • sore ankles
  • low motivation
  • lack of sleep

Symptoms of an excess in the Kidney Meridian

  • agitated
  • working too hard
  • tense lower back
  • dark under eyes
  • too much attention to details

Shiatsu, which is often regarded as “acupuncture without needles’, uses supportive acupressure to balance the meridian system, enabling the body to heal itself and return to homeostasis or equilibrium.

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