In the ancient 5-Element theory, Summer relates to the Fire element, which comprises the Heart and Small Intestine meridians along with the Heart Constrictor and Triple Heater meridians.

heart meridian

The Heart meridian, like the heart itself is the regulating force in the body. It enables us to see how things fit together and interconnect.

As a result we can experience joy as well as compassion for others. It also gives us the ability to form new ideas and be creative.

The Heart meridian also relates to the Heart chakra which harmonises between mind and body.

Keywords are: inspiration, passion, creativity and joy.

Symptoms of a deficiency in the Heart Meridian

  • disconnected – not knowing what you want to do
  • lack of creativity
  • sadness
  • unable to communicate with others
  • pain in heart
  • tingling down left arm

Symptoms of excess in the Heart Meridian

  • overly creative
  • hysterical
  • boisterous
  • redness at tip of the nose
  • rigid tongue that can lead to stuttering
  • irregular heartbeat
  • unable to connect with others.

Shiatsu, which is often regarded as “acupuncture without needles’, uses supportive acupressure to balance between deficiency and excess in the meridian system.

This enables the body to heal itself and return to homeostasis or equilibrium.

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