About the Large Intestine meridian

The Large Intestine uses contraction to absorb and elminate – selecting what is appropriate and eliminating what is unwanted.

The Large Intestine meridian is part of the Metal phase in which energy is contracting.

When the meridian is functioning well, we feel more optimistic, decisive as well as trusting in our ourselves and our judgement.

Large Intestine Meridian

Element: Metal.
Season: Autumn
Colour: White
Taste : Pungent (like the taste of raw radish)
Time of day: 5am – 7am

Complementary meridian: Lung

Symptoms of a deficiency in the Large Intestine Meridian

  • stubborn
  • repetitive thinking
  • slack bottom lip
  • sore left shoulder
  • heavy hips
  • clinging
  • poor judgement
  • confused thinking
  • over-dependency

Symptoms of an excess in the Large Intestine Meridian

  • pushy
  • hard-working
  • dehydrated
  • tight mouth
  • tendency to over-eat
  • constipation

Shiatsu, which is often regarded as “acupuncture without needles’, uses supportive acupressure to balance the meridian system, enabling the body to heal itself and return to homeostasis or equilibrium.

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