In the Five Element Theory, Foods can be divided into Yin and Yang, which corresponds to Acid-Alkaline in Western science.

The acid or alkaline quality of our blood is measured by a Ph factor. A Ph of less than 7 is acidic while above 7 is considered alkaline.

Most illnesses and disorders are caused by our blood being acidic. In order to maintain health, our blood and body fluids should be slightly alkaline with a Ph between 7.3 and 7.45.

So when we eat acid-forming foods, such as meat for instance, it is important to balance them with alkaline-forming foods such as vegetables.

The table below shows the which foods can be used to create balance in the body.

Acid Alkaline forming foods

Macrobiotic Nutritional Balance Chart

The chart below gives an indication of the ideal Macrobiotic nutritional balance for a meal which is both dairy and meat-free.

Macrobiotic Nutritional Balance Chart