I had a really great experience with Issi, he holds a really safe and comfortable space to just be vulnerable and relax, he does his work with good humour and warmth.

The treatment left me feeling clearer and like I was floating. I regained back my energy and had a stronger sense of myself the days following! I highly recommend . Thanks Issi



I walk out from my massage with Issi feeling balanced and relaxed. Where there had been tension in my body – there is lightness after shiatsu. Both my body and mind feel recharged.

Issi is a highly skilled therapist and his personality puts you instantly at ease.



Issi always knows exactly what is required when I arrive for treatment with a few simple questions even when I have no idea myself. I tend to leave either floating, energised or needing a nap depending on what has been worked on or released; however I am always feeling clearer on my journey…Thank you.

I definitely recommend you contact him as he is friendly and you will gain the appropriate guidance. Enjoy!



I saw the amazing Issi recently for the first time for shiatsu on Friday and on Sunday my husband and I took our three kids to see my parents house. I could actually keep up with the kids without becoming exhausted and sore. What is this?

Besides that I mentally have not felt as upbeat in a really really long time. I haven’t felt anxious since my visit, I just organised a day out with my best friend and our tribe of small people and the thought of that 4 days ago would have been so overwhelming I would have avoided it.

Also, I didn’t realise I couldn’t breathe properly from my nose but I can now.

You’re like my secret weapon Issi! Thank you so so so much! I have and will recommend you to everyone!



I was suffering from painful migraines on a regular basis. It was getting to a stage where I was actually worrying about when I would have the next migraine attack and stopped living in the now.

After seeing Issi just after two sessions I have been migraine free. He has taught me how to be in control of them to the point that now I understand how to avoid them. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone that suffers from frequent headaches or migraines.



I first saw Issi in 2008 for a seized up neck and tight shoulders and in that one session was able to help relieve the stiffness and tension my body was holding onto due to emotional stress I subconsciously was holding onto.

Issi is very intuitive, caring and respectful of one’s needs in a session and I highly recommend seeing him for physical and or emotional stress. I see Issi now when the season changes for an overall tune up of my physical, emotional and spiritual self.



I’ve been seeing Issi for Zen Shiatsu, on at least a monthly basis, for 3.5 years now and highly recommend his wisdom and healing hands to all.

Like no other, Issi has helped with, and resolved, physical and emotional situations for which I am eternally grateful. Thanks Issi, you really do make a huge difference.



I have been going to Issi for shiatsu massage for nearly 20 years. He was also instrumental in helping me recover from a serious leg injury about 15 years ago. He takes an holistic approach unlike Western medicine, which just treats the point of injury.

He is always there to lend a friendly ear whether you want to talk about sport, life, politics or if you don’t feel like talking just lie back and enjoy a relaxing massage. I call it my regular tune-up.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Issi at Self Healing Australia. A true professional



I have been seeing Issi for over 10 years. He has been a pillar of strength for me over this time. I have no hesitation in recommending his service.



Just to let you know I had the best pain-free sleep last night and all seems good today.

Many thanks.



I have been coming to see Issi for shiatsu for many years now. I find it an enjoyable and relaxing experience (as most people would with shiatsu) but Issi also seems to do something I don’t understand that goes beyond your average treatment.

I have been to see Issi for relaxation but also specifically with headaches, sore neck, sore back, twin pregnancy, stress and general “feeling under the weather”…I have always felt better when I leave after a treatment and more often than not feel amazing. What is even more amazing to me is that I often have that great feeling for days and sometimes weeks to come.

After being pregnant with the twins, then subsequently breastfeeding them and carrying them round all the time, I would suffer awful back and neck pain. Some days it was so painful I couldn’t even turn my head. I thought this was the domain of the chiropractor and experienced small relief after numerous visits to the local chiro.

Not even guessing that this would be something Issi could “fix”, I went for a treatment as a friend had given me a gift voucher to relax. I never went back to the chiro again as Issi alleviated my pain altogether in the first treatment. I have had follow up shiatsu treatments when it has returned (often many weeks and sometimes months later) and have had massive relief or resolution every time.

As I said, I’m not exactly sure what it is that Issi does that makes such a difference but he really has the healing hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know (as my friends who have received gift vouchers for treatments over the years would testify).



I have been seeing Issi since 2005. In 2008 I left Sydney to live in the UK. Since that time, whenever I visit Sydney, I book myself in for a shiatsu massage as close to landing as possible. On my most recent visit in April 2014 I was suffering from very bad jet lag. The 2 nights before seeing Issi I was waking several times in the night.

After the session with Issi I slept 11 hours that night and my jet lag disappeared. I wish I could find somebody in the UK with the care and expertise of Issi. I would recommend him to anybody wanting to ground themselves or recover from jet lag.



I have found all my appointments with Issi have benefited me greatly on the physical and mental level. My shoulder and arm are the best I have felt in 10 years and improving all the time.



I’ve been going to Self Healing Australia for almost 20 years. Issi is simply one of a kind.

I’ve had other types of massage and physio but there is nothing to compare with this.



Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. I feel amazing today after an 11-hour sleep. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. You really helped me on every level.



I haven’t been in touch because I wanted to see how the longer effect of your treatment would be. It is about 100% better than what it was. My back is not contracted and the muscles have now relaxed back into their normal space, therefore the pain is less. I can stand upright with no trouble and the treatment has certainly released a lot of stiffness in the lower back and contraction.

The freedom I can feel in my lower back is wonderful, just to be able to stand upright is great. I thank you once again for the work and I will be back in another 8 weeks for a follow up.



Thank you again for the wonderful experience, I described it to my partner as one of those life changing moments… and I know it will be something I have in my life for many, many years to come.

As I said to you, Shiatsu Therapy seems to combine all of the elements of the many, many therapies I have tried over the years, that seem to work for me… especially the gentle yet deliberate approach of the therapy and the gentle yet deliberate lower-body stretching/movement, and the self-empowerment of “un-creating” the issue of physical pain.



I was fortunate enough to have regular shiatsu treatments throughout my pregnancy. I was working and studying all through my pregnancy (like so many women these days) so shiatsu was one important way for me to have a relationship with my body and my developing baby.

The shiatsu, as well as its relaxing and therapeutic value, has a ritualistic quality, of being able to take ‘time out’ from one’s busy schedule and connect with your physical and emotional self, as well as with your baby.

Looking back on the experience of my pregnancy it is one of the main experiences that regularly permitted me the ‘space’ to nurture myself and nourish my child, as well as allowing me the time to really appreciate the miracle of my pregnancy and the full enjoyment of the experience.

I thoroughly recommend Issi and shiatsu to help support and nurture you and your child throughout this special time. And remember, daddies deserve shiatsu too!



I had the best sleep last night and all my tiredness and the feeling of being wired has completely disappeared. Thanks so much.



Many thanks for seeing me today. I feel happier and have this deeper inner peace within me. Hopefully it stays with me. Thanks also for your words of wisdom.



I came to shiatsu suffering from weekly migraines, stress, and fatigue. After the first treatment my migraines stopped and my energy levels have increased with regular treatments.



I’ve been completely amazed all day… the pressure and pain that I had on my hips/pubic bone on Sat (which I’ve had for some time) has reduced dramatically to nearly nothing the following day and I feel sooooo much better. I was able to turn in bed without feeling like 100yrs old and I even walked down to the park and back and I wasn’t in pain. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly gifted.



Just letting you know that I feel good after my treatment the other day. Had a pulsating headache about 2 hours after having received treatment and that lasted a couple of hours but no headache since. I slept beautifully that night, in fact I didn’t want to get up. Haven’t had such a good nights sleep in a long time……..since the tinnitus started.



After the birth of my 2nd son and experiencing debilitating pain in my lower back and hips, I decided to seek out shiatsu specifically for physical help with these back issues.

Issi worked wonders for me and helped me back to alignment with his holistic approach to the whole person. He then worked continuously with me through my next pregnancy and the birth of my 3rd child.

I am happy to say that I have not suffered any back pain since, and I attribute this to the constant alignment that Issi helped me to maintain. The truth: I think Issi is a gem!

A rare and unique practitioner who is able to help one back to alignment not just at a physical level but at the pure energy level. I walked out of each session totally renewed and ready to face the week with clarity and a fresh perspective.



Thank you so much for the Shiatsu treatment. I spent the rest of Saturday feeling as though I was walking on air. It was as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt free.



Shiatsu with Issi has been a unique experience of self-discovery, nurturing, and healing. I feel it has improved the quality of my life enormously.



Just had to tell you I got a very good sleep, my son slept for 9 hours straight !!!! I think the shiatsu worked on him !!!!!! Isn’t that incredible.

Thought you would be interested as he has not slept more than 4 hours straight since he was born.



Just to thank you again for my last session. I felt a huge shift and it has been really interesting since, so thank you so so much! Amazing how many levels healing can affect.



When I arrived to see Issi I was dealing with shoulder and arm pain from current and past situations. I had not realised how much I hold on and avoid situations to avoid pain. I was surprised and delighted as Issi stretched my limbs and also my thinking.

I have since our session found myself doing stretches and I extend myself into physical situations that I would normally avoid because I believed I would have pain. His holistic approach works on many levels, it is a gift.



Thank you for the healing last week. I feel a little bruised at the very top of my neck, where you mentioned I hold my stress. Other than that physically I’m OK. Felt extremely happy after I left you! I’m going to sign up to some sort of sport this week.



The wonderful thing about a shiatsu treatment is that it always brings me back to myself in a very profound way.



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