Self-Confidence depends on what you believe about yourself.

It’s natural to experience a lack of self-belief from time to time. And even the most succesful people often doubt themselves. The major difference is that they don’t feed their negative thoughts or act on them.

As Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Sometimes it’s the way you look at things that creates a belief that either feeds your self-confidence or self-limitation.

How would your life be better if you could:

• deal with negative beliefs and expectations;
• make a realistic appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses;
• raise your standards;
• understand how your thoughts create feelings;
• see more of the big picture;
• be free of the past; and
• truly believe in yourself.

Hypnosis to Improve Self-Confidence is divided into three weekly sessions.

During this time you will learn to:
• manage stress;
• dispel negative thinking;
• prevent self-sabotaging behaviour;
• recognise your strengths and weaknesses;
• increase your self-belief and self-confidence;
• increase your motivation and willpower; and
• attain the goals you set.


“I am glad to have the opportunity to work with Issi. He has broadened my mind not only from a hypnosis perspective but also in a counselling aspect. He has given me the confidence to believe in myself again.”


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