Finding Issi was a game-changer for me. His unique blend of kindness and no-nonsense honesty created an environment where I felt both supported and challenged. Through his guidance, I learned to shift my perspective, seeing things in a positive light rather than dwelling on the negative.

His genuine care and straightforward approach helped me break through barriers, leaving me empowered and ready to tackle life with newfound optimism. I highly recommend Issi to anyone seeking transformative change.



Since I last saw you I’ve gone on a big journey in discovering concepts about trauma (and my negative self-beliefs about the past) and manifestation (reshaping my beliefs for the future). My sessions with you were a big inspiration on this.

First, when you reframed my beliefs that I could be an actor a couple of years ago, and second, when you helped me manifest my new home a few months ago. I forgot to tell you that it worked almost magically.

5 days later I found a 2 bedroom house in Darlington for only $620/week, even with a tiny courtyard with space for a spa, in a market where all I had seen was one bedrooms starting at $750/week.

I did a talk at an informal event earlier this week about manifestation and I told both of these stories. I’d like to put this talk on my Instagram and YouTube channel, but I wanted to check with you first that you’d be comfortable with that.

Thanks so much.



Wow. I am a completely different person after 3 sessions with Issi. After my first session I walked out dancing on my way home and danced around my apartment. Definitely had some kinda of awakening.

Issi places importance on general metaphysical elements like dream analysis as dreams are the window to your soul’s wants/needs. He even makes himself available to you to analyse if you have one that’s really pressing. At the very least, tells you to write it down and unpack in your next session.

Hypnotherapy is everything I expected a general psychologist to be but got so much more healing and understanding from Hypnotherapy. Issi is up front while kind, gentle and completely disarming. You’re changing the world Issi! Looking for a reason to book you again!



Issi you, magical creature! Checking in to say hi. I realised today that I have been almost a year without smoking again (unless you count the couple of times that I had a little chuff when I had a drink).

But that’s nearly 2 years now with drinking alcohol at an exact pace that I always wished for for years – I’ve not actually been drunk in the whole two years, and I probably drink alcohol once or twice a month just a couple in social gatherings, and only when I’m already feeling settled and happy – never to create equilibrium. (if I feel the need to do that, I just leave where I am rather than have a drink to make it better) ? how good is that – how good are you!



Not sure if you remember me, but we had a session a while back. I am the English lad who was told I needed a hip replacement. Well, thankfully, I don’t. And you are a big reason why. That day you said to me “‘isn’t it weird that your hips and legs aren’t feeling great, and you tend to run away from your problems.” Well, that resonated with me, so deeply that I began to dig further.

I put off the operation idea and continued searching.. I found I actually had a mindbody illness called TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome). Im sure you may have come across it, but I’d like to let you know that I am now pain-free and back to my old life – with a new understanding on the mind-body connection and the power of a human body overall.

I put a lot of this to yourself for helping me that day, You were incredibly kind and had something about you that helped me see we can be literal creatures in our suffering AND recovery. I can’t thank you enough.



My experience with hypnotherapy has been enlightening. It has given me direction, insight and tools to move forward in all aspects of life and I thank the actual process for that.



One of my friends have recommended Issi to me, but I was a bit skeptical at first and I didn’t know what to expect. Issi really made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the get-go. I was struggling a lot with anxiety, negative thoughts and was unhappy with where I was in my life but I didn’t know how to get out of that negative and unproductive space.

Issi taught me practical ways of dealing with these negative thoughts and helped me find clarity through hypnosis. After 5 sessions, I felt a lot more confident about myself and felt a sense of clarity.



Working with Issi has been nothing but amazing. I came to Issi having already done a-lot of work on myself, however I was still feeling stuck and couldn’t understand why.

I will admit I was a little skeptical to try hypnotherapy, however after talking to Issi and meeting him I immediately trusted the process and am so grateful I did. He has not only helped me heal and become the person I want to be, but has also educated me and given me the confidence to continue to do so. Issi I can’t thank you enough.



Issi was a great guide for pointing my mind back on the right path. I already knew that I was the one who would do the work and make the changes, but I just needed someone with the right skills and understanding of how our beliefs can limit us, to help me weed out the ones that were self-sabotaging and re-implant more useful beliefs.

I’ve had hypnosis before so I knew what to expect. It’s nothing ‘woo-woo’ or weird as some people might think. Its really just talking, and being specific about the words and thoughts you’re having. Issi helped me with a bad spiral of focus on pain that I’d fallen into, I knew I could get out of it, but I needed help to kickstart that process.

I absolutely recommend hypnosis with Issi for any issues or negative thought patterns that have become sticky in your life and you’re ready to do the work to let go of.



It was a blessing to meet and work with Issi, who did not try to fix my problems but he showed me how to fix them by myself by asking questions and let me be the one who finds the answers.

I can not deny that my perception of life shifts to more positive angles after a few sessions with him. Thanks Issi and keep doing your great work!



Issi provided me with valuable help and advice on multiple aspects of my life which I was having issues with. The overall process only stretched across four sessions over two months.

Over these sessions, he carefully questioned and listened to me regarding my issues, and gave insights and treatment on how I could deal with them, from a past, present and future perspective.

The changes don’t occur overnight. The changes are subtle but strong and I definitely have noticed changes in my mood and actions over time.
Thanks Issi.



Issi started me on a journey of discovery with his compassion, I will be forever thankful for what he helped me with, as I was able to achieve deeper understanding of self healing that was hidden from view before my consultation. I cant recommend Issi enough.



I stumbled across Issi’s website through Google and from the first time I met him I knew I was meant to find Issi and luckily synchronicity was on my side.

I was at a point where I felt lost, depressed and severely anxious living in fear. I had no reason to be, things in my life were in a good place but I held a lot of trauma from my childhood which I had been working on through other therapies but it was still making me sick mentally and physically.

From the first session Issi made me feel so comfortable and brought a smile back on my face. It’s hard to explain the process of hypnotherapy but I hadn’t experienced anything like it before.

After the first two sessions I felt small shifts in my behaviours, thoughts and patterns but they did seem short lived. The third session is where I have really seen the shift in my behaviour and life.

I feel free from my overactive mind and now live in the moment instead of fear. Things in my life have started to change and everything just seems more positive and easy.

I feel blessed to have stumbled across Issi and he really has helped me change my perspective of my life.



Issi is a man of skill, compassion and enormous knowledge. Working with him was an incredible experience and not at all what I expected. I think I expected some kind of “hocus-pocus” leading to an obviously hypnotised state in which I would be “programmed”. This was not at all what happened – in fact I still don’t know how Issi achieved what he did.

He gently and thoughtfully led me on a journey of self-discovery which has had amazing results. I went to him with what I thought was a simple physical habit that I needed to stop, and after 4 sessions I left with a healing that not only addressed the habit, but which gave me a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship leading to a renewal and an enrichment of my partnership.

Amazing! I can’t recommend Issi highly enough if you are struggling to find answers in your life.



Issi is very capturing in the way he directs your inner mind. In you there is a version that is able to achieve many things and be a better version than that version you don’t recognise that is causing you an unhappy life. Issi can guide you and I always felt good after each session from a completely hopeless and hurt state.

He changed me and helped me survive. Not sure what I would have done at my weak and broken state without Issi doing his good work.



Issi has helped me through my struggles in life. I am extremely satisfied by the professionalism and approach used by him. This therapy helped me enormously to deal with my past and my overthinking issue.

Issi listens carefully, analyses, and gives me real examples to better understand my situation. He is very able in providing insights and new ways of thinking about viewing situations. He has definitely made an impact in my life that I will always cherish.



For all of my life, I have struggled to fit in. I have been a wanderer and loner, not knowing if something was wrong with me. Issi’s perspective and wisdom showed me the wonders of being your own person and the beauty of not having to fit in and being on your own path.

I can now engage with people and the world on my terms, and it feels so liberating.



All it took was the initial phone call for me to feel comfortable and supported by Issi. I found his wisdom and critical thinking to be so helpful.

From my first to final session I can say a lot has changed for me both internally and externally.

I navigate my day to day life with a lot more confidence and composure, I am able to calmly approach situations that would otherwise have me terribly anxious, and most importantly I feel like I have the right tools and an improved approach to navigate my life moving forward.



Issi is a warm and gentle man, he is interesting, too. I felt safe under his care. He listens deeply to the nature of the problem as well as the context of your life.

His hypnotic interventions were successful in treating the problem and at another level I appreciated his deeply held belief that we are all a powerful source of our own healing.



After only 4 sessions with Issi, I have felt a huge difference in my life! The understanding that Issi has and also the knowledge I obtain from each session is something that I will remember forever.

He has helped me with my anxiety, my purpose, restructuring my life, being authentic to myself, my understanding of my own emotions and how to navigate through complex situations.

Highly recommend!!



I was struggling with depression and anxiety after my husband left me and was luckily referred to Issi by a friend. After only three sessions, I felt like a cloud had dispersed and I could start to enjoy life again.

Issi is wise, kind, positive, patient and encouraging. I wholeheartedly recommend him and can’t thank him enough for helping me get back on track.



I have just finished my 3 sessions with Issi and during that two months the changes I wanted help with have been sustained and I believe this is in large part down to Issi’s great expertise. I feel that the whole experience was made far more effortless with Issi’s support & I would recommend anyone that is seeking changes on a subconscious level to engage Issi; after all most of our habits are driven from the subconscious which is not easy to affect by ourselves – often we don’t even know what the root cause is that is driving habits we don’t want to continue & Issi is adept at drawing this out.

Add to this Issi is a wonderful, accommodating and insightful person to work with! I wouldn’t hesitate to use Issi’s services in future if the need arises again.



Issi is one of a kind and his work is truly life changing.



I can’t thank Issi enough for his wisdom and guidance. Prior to our first session I was feeling lost and helpless. My anxiety at its peak, I felt I lacked direction and purpose in my life.

After our first session, I felt lighter and already more at ease. By our second session I could already see improvements in myself and new beginnings starting to form in my life.

Issi has helped me to regain my confidence and self worth, to look at things from a different perspective, observe my thoughts as separate from myself and build my resilience.

In just three sessions, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I feel more confident within myself about the future. Thank you Issi, you have helped me tremendously.



Wow. 5 stars isn’t enough…Honestly, Issi is a complete sign from the universe that you Do have in you whatever you are seeking. he helped me overcome the deep insecurity I felt within myself after seeking him out due to “not feeling myself.”

I wasn’t sure what it was that I needed to combat, however my self-worth had taken a beating over recent months.

Issi confidently assisted me to approach my insecurities over our sessions and I was able to overcome a huge ‘mystery’ feeling within myself. I can’t thank you enough Issi, honestly. Your way of working with people is incredibly unique and so So wholesome.

I appreciate you and highly recommend anybody who is seeking guidance within their lives to explore therapy with you as an option.



Issi has helped me out so much. At first I was hesitant and unsure of what hypnotherapy was exactly about, but Issi is very caring and he listened to my problems and he was able to break down my issues thoroughly.

He provokes different ways of thought in order to approache my issues which has improved my life immensely. I highly recommend Issi and will come back to see him if I need to.



I came to Issi in desperation. I had been struggling with drinking for several years and tried everything to stay sober. I had been to a couple of other hypnotherapists in years prior based on recommendations and found them either ineffective or more detrimental to my state of mind.

I knew from years of psychiatry that my drinking stemmed from lifelong issues with feeling out of place, an inability to trust and poor self esteem but I couldn’t find a way to deal with these feelings.I simply wanted to feel good about myself and be content in my life so I could be the best possible parent. I had everything I ever wanted but still couldn’t feel happy in myself.

Issi helped me make some profound realisations about my life and my patterns of behaviour which were critical in helping me take control. He helped me to identify why I made certain decisions and acted in certain ways with a wholistic look at my life.

Issi’s manner is so calm and non-judgemental. He has a knack for using analogies that helped me to reflect on what may be at play in my subconscious and bring it into my awareness to be resolved.

In my final session with Issi I could envisage the life I wanted with such clarity and found a new vigour for my purpose and goals in life. I am now so much more grounded and able to be resolute in what my life is rather than be swayed by external influences.

Thanks eternally Issi.



As a result of seeing Issi I feel like a weight has been lifted and everything feels surmountable.

I came to the sessions feeling heavy and left feeling light. A really wonderful experience from a therapist who has brilliant emotional and cognitive intelligence.



I have no doubt that Issi is one of the best hypnotherapists, and I am deeply grateful for his support during our therapy sessions. I first came to see Issi as a referral from a friend about 5 months ago.

At that moment I found myself stuck in the same boring routine and felt that I have lost my creativity and passion. I think that one of Issi’s best skills as a therapist is his openness to listen not only making me feel significantly comfortable to share anything, but he also provided me with skills and tools to take ownership and responsibility of my life in a way that suits my true self.

I learned during therapy to be open for change (think out of the box) and challenge my comfort zone because nothing is too ridiculous to achieve and sky is the limit! Thank you Issi for everything, I hope you get to touch more people’s hearts and help them find their genuine selves – just like you did with me.



I first sought treatment with Issi when I returned from living overseas 20 years ago. Issi is an incredibly insightful practitioner, who has indepth knowledge of the body/mind complex. I feel safe and cared for in Issi’s presence and truly find it hard to convey in words, how much his wisdom has both supported my journey and helped me to gain clarity, so I can manage and direct myself in my life.

He skilfully assists me to discover what I already know and have forgotten to apply in my own life. I fully endorse Issi as a special kind of practitioner, who has so often, safely led me all the way to a balanced perspective! There is much to be gained from a series of sessions with this wise and truly skilled practitioner.



After the sudden tragic death of my father in the Black Saturday bushfires of 7th Feb, 2009 I knew I wasn’t coping with life. Everything was a struggle, an effort. I was suffering from traumatic grief but unsure what to do about it.

After countless unsuccessful visits to doctors, psychologists, counsellors, and naturopaths, a friend suggested hypnotherapy sessions. I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I was sceptical at first but I was at such a low point I knew I had nothing to lose. I contacted Issi at Self-Healing Australia. Within a handful of sessions he helped me manage my emotions with compassion and understanding.

Issi is a warm and friendly professional with exceptional wisdom in identifying what the real issues are and providing practical ways to navigate through a problem to a realistic solution.

I now see the loss of my father in a more understanding and informed way thanks to Issi. In the years since then, I have made major changes to my lifestyle. My sessions with Issi really made a significant difference to my quality of life and my relationships.

I found the courage to quit my job, start my own business and redefine my relationship with my partner. Last year I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and required an immediate operation to cut it out. I was understandably anxious. I turned once more to Issi to help.

The script that Issi meticulously tailored made for me helped immensely. I was wheeled into theatre feeling calm and in control thanks to Issi’s reassuring words.

Thank you Issi for all your help. I continue to use the strategies you have given me over the years. I would not hesitate to turn to Issi for help whenever I am stuck with any issue in my life and I would recommend hypnotherapy and Issi in particular, to anyone looking for treatment for grief, anxiety, stress or any form of concern. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Issi unreservedly.



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you!

Our sessions have really made a significant difference to my quality of life and relationships and the most important one, my relationship with myself. I feel a deep sense of gratitude as I write this.

Thanks again!



At a low point in my life, and following a recommendation, I decided to get in touch with Self Healing Australia. I had three sessions with Issi and have got my mojo back.

Through our sessions I was reminded that “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” Issi is an expert hypnotherapist; and It is my absolute pleasure to recommend him unreservedly.



I had a great experience trying hypnotherapy for the first time with Issi. I was in a difficult period of my life, dealing with life decision and anxiety, and hypnotherapy helped me to understand some patterns and release some pressure, to be more confident in the future and move on to the next step of my journey.
Thank you!



I developed disordered eating as a teenager and it has in one way or another followed me through life for almost 20 years. Despite trying all different kinds of methods to recover over the years, nothing was really helping and I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

I contacted Issi after reading all his amazing reviews online, and as soon as we made contact over the phone I knew that Issi was the right person for me. He took the time to really listen and he made me feel calm and confident that it was possible to change my situation even after all these years.

Issi is a very warm and caring person that makes you feel at ease even when discussing very personal and challenging topics.

He has helped me open up to myself, who I am, what my beliefs are, and how experiences in my life have unknowingly shaped my world but that I have the power to change things for the future.

He has also helped me realize that my ‘outside world’ changes for the better when I start working on my ‘inside world’.

Since seeing Issi, I am not only making great improvements with my disordered eating but also with relationships and overall wealth in my life.

I am deeply grateful for his wisdom that now helps me improve my life one more step every day. I can highly recommend Issi to anyone looking for guidance in life.

Also, just thought I’d let you know that my husband called me about an hour ago and asked me if we can sit down together today and talk about how he can start changing his mindset the way that I am changing mine. Talk about change!



Hypnosis was something I was always interested in but never pursued until now. It happened to fall into my lap and I soon realised that it was the right treatment for me at this point in my life. I’m very open minded and relaxed but on the other hand I have trauma and can be over emotional and anxious.

Issi helped me to realize I’m not actually bad and I have the power to control any aspect of my life in a healthy and positive way. It’s not all waving a pendant in front of your face and going under, rather, a gentle encouragement to look deeper into your in mind, shed a few tears and see why you are thinking and living a certain way, and require that.

This process was very important for me at this time in my life and has helped me greatly to move forward in my creative adventures. Issi encouraged and allowed me to open my mind’s eye a little wider to the wonders of my being. I have Issi to thank for this newfound way of loving myself. Highly recommended again and again.



I was referred to Issi by my wife who also found his expertise and genuine passion to improve peoples lives as invaluable. I intially went to see Issi for business counselling as I had always felt that something was holding me back from achieving what I was capable of.

Through Issi’s counselling therapy, I discovered how my subconscious & faulty beliefs, such as ‘everything good in my life will only come after pain & suffering’ & ‘my own happiness and success can only be achieved if those that I love are feeling the same way’ & ‘I should sacrifice my happiness for the sake of others’ etc. etc. had really impacted on my personal relationships and more importantly had created resistance against my higher self and in turn a successful and happy personal and business life.

Thank you Issi for all your professional guidance. Ill definitely be back to see you again in the near future. Best Wishes.



I highly recommend Issi. During our sessions, I found him to be extremely professional, friendly and a real hypnotic guru. After the sessions, I left feeling lighter, calmer and much more relaxed, like a weight had been lifted.

I’m so glad I found him because the impact has been so rewarding. No longer do I feel the need to gorge on sweet treats to fulfil my emotional needs. I’m now focusing on the here and now and look forward to a fulfilling future. Thank you Issi!



I would highly recomend Issi. He provides an excellent service in both a warm and professional manner. I’ve had a significant increase in my confidence and decrease in anxiety since visiting him, and as an added bonus I am now sleeping better!

Many thanks Issi!



I have been to see Issi a handful of times for hypnotherapy & have found it to be very beneficial. I always walk away feeling a lot lighter & more in control of my life – which is what I was hoping to get out of it.

I will definitely continue to see Issi when I need some clarity in my life.



I recently consulted Issi, at a friends suggestion, I really appreciated his professional manner and his range of hypnotic techniques. I am a childhood convert to hypnotherapy and it has helped me many times over the years, it is my preference over Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as my subconscious makes much neater work of problems and behavioural resolutions and it happens much more rapidly than with talk therapy.

You will be in good, caring and informed hands with Issi as he structures his sessions around you. I look forward to our next consultation. Thank you Issi.



Writing a review about my experience with Issi is beyond words, I am grateful of the universe for bringing Issi into my path and for the amazing inner experience I had in his sessions.

From the moment I called him, I knew I was going to be in good hands. He dedicated his whole attention to you, and will guide you through whatever your challenge may be and will give you the tools to take with you. I will always recommend this to everyone!



Issi has had – and continues to have – a profoundly positive impact on my life.

I first approached him to help address issues around alcohol. I have since begun to address with him many other areas of my life, such as confidence, relationships & self image.

Issi is incredibly likeable, empathetic & understanding, whilst enabling you to address your issue in confidence and with trust in a safe nurturing environment.

I have made and know I will continue to make a lot of positive change & progress through his sessions.

I have no hesitation in reviewing 5 * and highly recommend anybody considering hypnosis his services.



So after many years of ups and downs with my gambling habits I decided to get in contact with Issi. I went in with an open mind to change and how my habits affected me but little did I know what was the actual underlying cause was.

During the 3 sessions with Issi, we connected the dots to my story and why I was gambling. After the sessions I have wanted to go but I completely rethink (decision point) before even get close to going in or going.

Don’t get me wrong I did go a few times during the sessions and once after but I stopped a decision before each time till now I don’t step foot in a pub or pokie room.

Again would like to say thank you Issi for you wonderful work. It has helped me greatly



What can I say about Self Healing Australia? It was an interesting story about how I got started seeing Issi.

I was having an awful, awful hard time in my personal life. I was having alcoholic issues, depression, suicidal thought, marital issues and honestly did not want to speak to anyone at all, I was so stubborn about seeking help.

My husband and my sister finally convinced me to see Issi after I had a breakdown and had hurt myself, I was scared and felt so lost.

I had doubts about seeing Issi and I truly did not believe anyone could help me. Let me just cut a long story short and let me tell you all that it did save my life.

If you feel lost, drinking to numb the pain, hurting your loved ones and feel that life’s not worth it, PLEASE, I strongly recommend you give Issi a chance, I believe he can help you, he has helped me.

Be safe, take care and see Issi.



Before I even came to see Issi, I did my research like most people and called around different therapists to find out what I was getting into / speak to the therapist.

Out of 4 calls Issi was the only one who really stopped and took the time to just talk to me and ask me a little about why I was calling. He didn’t try sell himself, he didn’t push anything, he asked and he listened and he genuinely seemed to care from before I even decided to make the decision to go see him. This was exactly why I decided to take the leap with him.

I came to Issi due to relationship trouble – growing apart from my partner and running out of options I thought if I saw a therapist they could work whatever magic they do to help me and therefore my relationship.

In turn without going into hours of detail, a few things among many, I learnt a lot about myself, my partner and understanding her better and also how to communicate a lot better in a relationship and also in life in general.

I saw Issi 3-4 times over this period and some of the things he helped me realise, I was stubborn to accept. One being, “Is this as good as it gets? And is it good enough for me?”

It took me awhile but I see my happiness is my responsibility and I’m thriving now knowing this.

I am no longer in a dark place nor am I worrying about situations that may or may not occur in a relationship. I’m still learning and growing daily but I now have the skills behind me to process the thoughts or situations I may have previously struggled with.

Thank you Issi.

If you’re on the fence, or not sure what you want or looking for. Give him a call, you’ll see what I mean.



I had 3 sessions with Issi and they were amazing. It was my first experience with hypnosis and I was addressing an anxiety issue I’ve had for many years. The environment is safe and very comfortable and my time spent in the “chair” was awesome.

I would recommend Issi to anyone wanting to address any issues they are having and are prepared to open up their mind with hypnosis. I definitely will be back for a top up. Overall Issi is experienced and good at his craft. Highly recommend.



Having dealt with anxiety over the course of many years, and visited many different medical professionals (including counsellors and psychologists) to deal with this issue, I turned to Issi for help.

I wanted to delve deeper into what was causing this prolonged grief and feeling of unsettlement and with Issi’s help I was able to tap into my subconscious to draw what the main issue was. The passing of a loved one, that was never properly dealt with, has held me to ransom emotionally for many years.

Through rebalancing my thought process to focus on positivity and see the circle of life for what it was, a natural evolution of life, I have been able to live a more fulfilling life.



I’m not one to leave reviews, however for what Issi was able to unlock out of me, it is the very least I could do. I was struggling to keep my chin up and after only 3 sessions I am now hitting life head on and excited about a future that I thought I didn’t deserve.

His sessions were different to any other form of therapy I have ever sat through, and believe me there have been plenty. I don’t know how he did it but if you are struggling to keep your head above water and you feel there is no future, by all means call him and you will undoubtedly be as pleasantly surprised as I was.



I would highly recommend Issi for hypnotherapy treatment! I found Issi’s details online after reading all of the positive reviews and I knew I had to see him! I booked him in straight away and I was glad I did.

After the first session, I felt lifted, relaxed and learned so many things about myself that I didn’t even recognise. He helped me with my anxiety which was associated with negative thoughts of self-harm, as well as self-blame around my inflammatory bowel disease. He helped me to dig deeper into the subconscious mind and recognise the root of these thoughts (judging and blaming the self for my conditions and problems).

Issi guided and helped me to overcome my fears with great strategies which I continue to use as needed. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease during each session, and was always able to put a smile on my face! Issi is a wonderful soul and I would highly recommend him if you are living in a suffering state.

Thank you Issi for all your help. I continue to use the strategies and little tips/tricks that I have up my sleeve. If I ever need a tune-up or time to chat again, I will definitely be back in a flash! :)



Many thanks for another great session yesterday. You opened my eyes and helped me see the road-blocks, pot holes, and diversions that I had placed in my path.

I came in because I could not think straight and was in yet another repetition of my boom/gloom cycle. I left understanding more about myself, empowered to move forward on a path free of blocks, potholes and fruitless diversions.

You asked “what’s my story”, I could only tell you my past. You showed me how hanging on to the past was holding me back, and then you told me to write my future story. I did as soon as I got home. It makes for compelling reading. I can’t put it down and I’m going to add to it.

I’m not sure you meant that I should write my story in advance but it sure has been cathartic. I’ve written my ‘Bucket List’. You have changed my thoughts which will, no doubt, change my life.

Early days and I’m sure that I’ll have a few more sessions, but I feel great for the first time in months. Your talents go beyond hypnosis. You are a wonderful mentor. Your insights and honesty are refreshing. Thank you.



Just wanted to let you know that the session exercise you facilitated was really effective for me. It’s interesting because it allowed me to dissolve feelings for another situation first before the more immediate one I spoke about.

How it happened was that I actually went through each step and wrote it down, touching the most points of our conversation and then it came to me that letting go was about me and not the other person.

That was a big realisation and had me thinking “they can’t just get away with that… Doesn’t seem fair… We are all held accountable etc…”

It was easier than what I thought as the other situation involved the person asking for forgiveness for something they did/said which really hurt me but I never got a chance to say that yet it was quite obvious.

Until that exercise, I couldn’t and almost didn’t want to say I forgive you as I wasn’t ready. I realise that holding onto that was more about me than the person and when I reframed it in such a way, the feeling dissolved. We all make mistakes and say things contextually which can hurt others and everyone deserves the space to feel they won’t be reprimanded for one thing.

I have learned how much I just hold inside. I internalise a lot and feel (silently) emotions on either of ends their spectrum yet it’s the stuff in the middle which I can struggle with.


Thank you so much for being there for me, I was genuinely having such a rough week and went silent mode for 4 days. You are one of the few people I feel I can consult with.

I respect your professionalism with your nature and wisdom.

With gratitude.



I had three sessions with Issi, which was the number of sessions he recommended I needed.

I took a lot of value from each session and overall feel like he helped me a lot. He has a very caring and calming nature and you feel very relaxed and comfortable with him.



A few years ago I had hypnosis to help me quit smoking, so when I found myself in challenging times earlier this year I decided to try hypnotherapy again, that’s when I stumbled across Issi and his very special form of hypnotherapy – hypnotherapy for the soul.

There are no coincidences in life, the universe sent me in Issi’s direction right at the very time I was able to acknowledge the things within myself that were holding me back. Issi helped me understand where these habits come from and taught me how to heal myself.

I highly recommend Issi to anyone in need of healing on any level, he changed my life and helped me see where I was giving my power away and how to take it back. Thanks Issi x



Over the last few years I’ve been largely ignoring a couple of physical and mental health stressors that were becoming increasingly persistent and adversely affecting the quality of my life and my relationships.

I began making some headway into healing but was still struggling in some areas, particularly with chronic gastrointestinal distress as well as intermittent strong feelings of anxiousness.

I realised I would likely need some help from an external and impartial source. I was intrigued by hypnotherapy after it first caught my eye on a Reddit thread discussing the power of tapping into the subconscious mind as a healing modality and to break undesired habits.

I found Issi via a Google search and decided to give him a call after reading all of the positive feedback everyone had been leaving on his website and Google reviews. I’m happy to say Issi’s excellent reputation is well deserved.

He radiates calming positivity, and his infectious lighthearted disposition helped me to be present in our sessions and to feel comfortable sharing with an open heart and open mind.

Together we were able to tap into some of the potential contributors to my gut issues and anxious states in a non-judgmental and productive way that left me feeling empowered and genuinely excited about life in general.

I left each of my three hypnotherapy sessions with an extraordinary physiological lightness accompanied by a very liberating feeling of spaciousness in the mind- sensations that have persisted in these ensuing weeks!

I still occasionally find myself facing some of the same stressors, but working with Issi has helped me to recognise those situations sooner and has provided me with some much appreciated perspective and insights to help re-* the perceived negative aspects of life’s challenges.

If you’re exploring healing and are looking for someone experienced, patient, accepting and inspiring to work with, I don’t hesitate in recommending you give Issi a call.



I just want to thank you for our sessions just of late. I can’t thank you enough for being my voice of clarity.



I always feel calm, re-assured and very peaceful after a session with Issi. He has so much knowledge and provides me with great tools to help manage my own sometimes self-sabotaging way of thinking. 10/10 would highly recommend.



I’m so grateful and thankful for Issi, a kind caring professional who listens so deeply and really tunes into your needs. I found great solace, peace, empathy and solid guidance. Tackling my fears felt achievable with Issi’s caring encouragement and astute wisdom.

I couldn’t recommend Self Healing Hypnosis more highly and empathically than I do, his passion is to see you achieve, succeed and step into the future you desire with confidence.



I wanted to share something very special with you. Today I was taken for a walk by my boss and asked how I am doing before she asked me if I wanted to apply for the program test manager role they have advertised to replace me.

AND I said thank you so much, but I don’t feel I am the right person for the role as my exceptionally high standards in terms of due diligence and respecting the process is resulting in a lot of conflict between myself and the project manager – which is not fair to me, you or her.

I also said I think everyone’s life would be much better if she replaced me with someone who works better in this environment.

It was such a nice conversation and such a lovely way to deal with the situation. I feel so empowered and happy.Thank you!



One of the best things to happen to me recently was attending a talk by Issi Aaron. I was impressed by his lecture, but was amazed by the way he spontaneously helped a lady he had never met, in the audience, in front of everyone, during question time.

I thought if he can do that, maybe he can help me. He succeeded, through conversation and hypnotherapy – a trance like state – in making my mind work better for me instead of against me, so making aeroplane travel a less nerve racking experience.

My 2nd big test on a plane is approaching soon and I am feeling much better about the whole thing – all in 2-3 visits. Thank you Issi.



When I first came to see Issi, I was just unsure of being comfortable with driving. I was unsure with work. I didn’t have the confidence to like step forward and bring the business forward, bring my confidence in driving compromised situations.

And I just found that the hypnotherapy’s helped me get that confidence to step forward and overcome the fears that I have and that I had.

It’s given me a drive to boost my business, revamp the business. It’s given me the confidence to get in the car and not worry about what’s in front of me, the traffic in front of me. It’s given a clear mind, I think.

I’d say definitely give hypnotherapy a go.



Issi is insightful, caring and intuitive, and I highly recommend him to help support you with any changes you are wanting to make in your life.



I highly recommend Issi. I had three sessions with him while on holidays in Sydney. He enabled me to unpack and let go of thinking that no longer served me and I feel I had a significant breakthrough. A heartfelt thanks to you Issi.



I just booked my first dance class in 10 years. I thought about the self care you told me and realised my creative outlet for so long was dance and I have missed it so much.

So thank you for making me realise I’m important too!



Issi helped to clear my mind using hypnosis and discussion. I had a lot going on in my life and I am grateful for his assistance in helping me to help myself to manage my anxiety.

I would not hesitate to go back to him for help if I am stuck with any issue in my life.



Issi is a talent and his expertise is surely one for those people who are serious in addressing life issues. His positive mindset and professional attitude set him apart.

Issi has helped me conquer many life problems and helped my family as well. When you really need help this is the man I would recommend to assist.



I had been always putting other’s people first and would compromise my own happiness for other’s people sake as I was so afraid of hurting people’s feeling. I had lost so many opportunities because of this fear and had never felt happy and completed.

After a few sessions with Issi, I felt much better about myself and for the first time, I was comfortable with putting myself before others. I highly recommend his services.



I wasn’t sure what to think when it came to hypnotherapy, but after seeing Issi I was truly amazed by what a wonderful form of treatment is it! Issi is so calm and inviting and the way he conducts the session is fantastic. I felt better after seeing him and learning about myself and my concerns from a new perspective.

I would not hesitate to recommend hypnotherapy and Issi in particular, to anyone looking for a treatment for anxiety, stress or any form of concern.



I would highly recommend Issi’s friendly problem solving skills to address life’s complexities. After going to 4 sessions I have been able to lead a healthier more balanced personal life as well as having a clearer vision of my creative professional career focus.

Additionally, Issi used a number of metaphor’s which have been helpful for me not to mentally worry about family issues of the past wasting my time. I now don’t look back in the rear view mirror but drive forward for a more productive life. Thank you Issi for your guidance and wisdom.



In appreciation of Issi Aaron’s professionalism, intellect and empathy, I would like to acknowledge the benefits experienced during five hypnotherapy sessions with him recently.

Through dialogue with, and guidance from Issi I was able to shift my perception around a series of troubling issues holding me back from returning to a meaningful life after losing a brother to suicide and the ensuing family relationship fallout over the following few years.

Issi’s approach was results focused and his skill at asking the right questions to get the responses that led to the core issues, was illuminating. By the end of the sessions I had some useful strategies that I have used to cease the ruminations and galvanise some key viewpoints, which have put me back into my positive frame of mind and life feels right again.

It would have been beneficial to see Issi a lot earlier, but hypnotherapy was not on my radar at that time.

Issi is a warm and friendly professional with exceptional wisdom in identifying what the real issues are and providing practical ways to navigate through a problem to a realistic solution. This has relieved me of the almost daily distress I was experiencing, thinking of my brother.

I now see this significant loss in a more understanding and informed way thanks to Issi and this new perspective has minimised the grief.

I highly recommend Issi’s hypnotherapy skills to anyone wanting to make sense of some of the complexities of life and remove emotional blocks that get in the way of living a meaningful life.



I highly recommend Issi. He has helped me so much just in one session… worth every dollar and every minute. Has amazing memory so you don’t feel like just another number. Really understands and has zero judgement whatsoever.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, stuck, or have just ultimately given up you must see Issi. You will not only feel better but you’ll feel reset and ready for your new chapter.



I have always been a “glass half full” person and never thought I would suffer from depression or anxiety. Sadly however over the last year my relationship with an adult daughter had deteriorated for no apparent reason. My daughter seemed to only want to have contact when she wanted something and when we spoke she was aloof and dismissive. I therefore found myself depressed, anxious and also very angry. My thoughts went around and around the “wrong” I had suffered and my mental wellbeing deteriorated even more.

“What to do?” My GP organised an appointment with the practice Psychologist however she only wanted to discuss why my daughter was behaving in this way and what could be done about her problem. As I knew my daughter well (we had always been close) the Psychologist’s insight into my daughter’s behaviour tallied with my own, however this did not help me cope with the situation. I knew I couldn’t change my daughter’s behaviour, that would have to come from her, I could however change my behaviour but I needed someone to show me how.

Then I found Issi! I had always been intrigued by hypnotherapy but I really didn’t know anything about it but “hey, why not give it a try”. I googled Hypnotherapists in my local area and found “ Issi” was only 15 minutes drive from my home. After one session of hypnotherapy I felt so much more relaxed, much less anxious, not depressed and best of all I let go of the anger.

“What did Issi do?” Well we talked at length about what I thought had caused my emotional equilibrium to be so out of balance. Issi helped me discover things about myself and also about human behaviour and emotions that gave me a foundation for a stronger mental and emotional structure which would allow me to cope with my current problem and future issues.

Issi then asked me to relax so that we could commence the hypnotherapy which he described as a “guided meditation”. During this session Issi’s calm and soothing voice guided my thoughts and feelings, however I wasn’t hypnotised in the “showbiz” sense, I was just very relaxed and as Issi explained in a “trance” similar to the trance we all enter when reading a fascinating book or concentrating on a well-loved hobby. I have now had four sessions with Issi and will not need any more, however Issi said I should contact him at any time if I require a “tune up”.

Issi is a wonderful caring and insightful human being. I would recommend him to anyone who feels they have come to a dead end with emotional problems in their life. Issi will be able to get you started again!



After countless unsuccessful visits to doctors, psychologists, counsellors and naturopaths, I decided to give hypnotherapy a go; and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I’m now equipped with the “mind tools” to help me confidently manage my anxiety, and see situations with a clearer, more rational mind.

Seeing Issi has become something I look forward to, as I always leave feeling refreshed and confident. Issi taps into the inner strength you never knew you had!



I’ve been seeing Issi on and off for the last few years for various personal issues that arise.

Through his process of massage and stretching he communicates his wisdom to you with stories and references that inform and guide your mind into making connections that help move you forward.

So when I found myself at a crossroads work wise, and all the anxiety that comes with it I called up Issi for a session. He recommended three sessions of hypnotherapy, something which I had never before had but was intrigued.

I found the process personally revealing in a way that “we know ourselves better than we think”, if given the time to breath, relax and look inside. The signals were subtle and trust was needed but Issi in his special and positive way teased out the path and helped highlight the way. A fantastic and most needed journey for myself.

My work situation hasn’t yet been totally solved but the anxiety subsided, allowing me to trust the future without the unnecessary mental disruption. Issi is truly a unique vessel.



When Issi started talking to me about the Reptilian brain I knew I was in the right place as he was speaking to my logical mind. A great confidant to discuss issues, thoughts and worries and provide artful direction with simple yet powerful statements reinforced via guided meditative hypnotherapy.

Issi provided a tune up shop for the mind which is seldom available or attended to during our busy lives. A mixture of insight, wisdom, humour and now architect of my self direction, I recommend anyone who wants a personal trainer for the mind or just a tune up of the spirit, then Issi is your go to guy.



I’ve been going to Issi for years now and everytime I go see him for whatever the problem was at that time, he somehow fixed me. He is a healer and he reminds me of a wise owl. I don’t know how he does it but he just does. He has an open heart, someone that I can open up to about anything.

The last few sessions I did last year with him were hypnotherapy. I was having problems in my life and it actually boiled down to my father. I didn’t want anything to do with him for years but after seeing Issi, I now have forgiven my father for all the bad things of the past and when I call him I actually can speak with him without negative feelings. From this it has improved my relationship with my husband and the way I look at life.



I am writing to recommend Issi’s professional services as a hypnotherapist and I would like to share my successful personal journey of change.

In late 2016, I undertook a hypnotherapy program with Issi. The sessions enabled me to analyse my current situation by spending time, painfully and tearfully, examining my past. As part of this process I was able to re-connect with situations, negative emotions and feelings that I had experienced as a child. More importantly, this process helped me to identify and undo some of the negative thought processes, beliefs and fears that were holding me back for leading a ‘happy and fulfilling life’.

Over the last six months, and, after completing Issi’s hypnotherapy program, I’ve been able to believe in myself and made some life changing decisions. Before Christmas I found the courage to quit a job that I was no longer enjoying after 11 years, I was able to travel overseas and spend quality time with my family and children. More recently, I’ve been working with a great careers coach, developing my professional and personal skills by reading and accessing great online tools via sites like Mind Tools and LinkedIn Learning and generally reflecting on what I enjoy doing, what I am good at doing and what makes me happy.

The last two weeks have been very busy. I’ve been spending time networking, attending interviews and as a result, I have received numerous job offers and I am about to start a new role as a Change Manager.

I’ve really enjoyed the process of change as I now have the confidence to believe in myself, I have discovered my unique skills and qualities and feel generally more in charge and control of my life. Moving forward I am going to try hard to ensure that I spend at least 20 mins every day using self-help meditation and hypnosis techniques on myself.

Thank you Issi for inspiring me to take control of my life and teaching how to make change happen.



I saw Issi for Shiatsu and Hypnotherapy four weeks after having an emergency Caesarian and it’s the honestly best thing I could have done for my recovery.

The Shiatsu massage aspect of the session was fantastic on it’s own, but the real benefit came from taking stock both of my physical and mental wellbeing at the same time. Issi’s approach to both left me feeling both restored and put ‘back together’ again.

I felt relaxed on the day thanks to the massage, but the combined benefit of the hypnotherapy session has meant I’m still feeling that way a week later, even in in spite of the sleep deprivation that comes with being a new parent! If you’re looking for a therapist that can leave a lasting positive impact on both your body and mind, Issi is your guy.



Been trying to stop smoking for 20 years, stopped in 1 session. Learned to face a fear as well. Highly recommend if you want actual results.



I came to learn about Issi and his method of healing through a work colleague who had great success under Issi’s care. I commenced counselling with Issi with no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy or expectations of an outcome.

My desire was to significantly reduce the amount of alcohol I was consuming or even eliminate it if that were possible.

Without elaborating too much, I found the hypnosis component much like a guided meditation and the experience as a whole less esoteric and significantly more practical than anticipated. The sessions involved a lot of work on my behalf, which makes sense- we all need to earn our achievements and strive for things that are important to us.

The conversation and self reflection were very useful. Issi is a healer and a great human being who cares.

I’m convinced having the support of such a caring person contributed as significantly to my improvements as the hypnotherapy techniques. Have I quit alcohol? No. Am I drinking less? For sure.

I’d recommend this counselling and assistance can be of benefit to you if you’re looking to work hard to make progress toward your desired outcome and not expecting a miracle or a magic cure.



I found Issi on the Net. I had a long history of smoking daily and playing the pokies on a weekly basis. I felt I could not escape the adverse impact it was having on my health and finances.

Issi guided me through hypnotherapy and counselling to cease smoking and eliminate gambling from my life completely. As a result, my relationships with those close to me have improved and positive changes have manifested in many aspects of my life.

I feel alive again!



I came to see Issi because I was fed up with my yo-yo weight and feeling out of control. It didn’t help I was procrastinating about important decisions that I wanted to make but just couldn’t! I wanted to start celebrating all the good things in my life.

Issi helped me see it wasn’t ‘eating’ and ‘procrastinating’ that was holding me back from the reaching my goals – it was the ‘unconscious’ choices I was making. And so THAT was what our hypnotherapy sessions concentrated on.

The sessions were relaxed, exploratory and non judgmental. I liked the way Issi would hold a mirror up to my words and make me question things that I thought were a given or unchangeable. We would round off the session with hypnosis to consolidate the discoveries of our talk.

What was relaxing and gently inspirational turned out to be mind blowing over the coming weeks. Old bad habits were semi consciously and sometimes totally unconsciously broken down into bite size elements I could and did change! One little change here and there triggered an avalanche of little changes.

Over the weeks, I’m eating well, weight’s going down; I’m making decisions I’d put off for years. I feel successful and happy and proud of myself. Thank you Issi, you do great stuff!



Over the last few years I have suffered from depression and anxiety and was finding it hard to function day to day.

I was desperate to get any help I could and was referred to Issi by a friend, so I made an appointment that day. As soon as I met Issi I felt at ease instantly, he has such a compassionate and caring nature which puts you at ease straight away.

I came out of my first session feeling an immediate improvement which I was amazed with, as I have visited psychologists in the past and never had this type of result after the session.

I highly recommend anyone to book with Issi to help with any aspects of their lives they are looking to improve.



I found Issi through a close friend of mine to help me with a problem I had for sometime. I had a fear of water from an early child hood & to even add more fear I had a swimming accident involving a near-drowning experience in my late teens.

I went to hypnosis to help resolve and push through those fears, with regular training and exercises I’m starting to trust the water more. I feel hypnosis helps you find resolution and better understand yourself which in turn pushes through those boundaries that we feel we can’t get to ourselves.

If it helped me it can help others, thanks Issi.



Issi was recommended to me by a friend and what a blessing that turned out to be ! My issue was alcohol had slowly crept into my daily life; I was grabbing a beer at 10 am. This no longer happens !!!

Issi really showed me how to look at the real underlying issues that were causing me to drink .

I am no longer friends with my local bottle shop staff and am enjoying my days alcohol free .
I truly recommend seeing Issi as you will be in good hands .



My name is Mike Raymundo and I am a full-time tennis coach and proprietor of the Fisher Tennis Centre in Sydney.

Being a sporting person I encourage health and fitness but one of my demons was smoking and this is something I had been addicted to for many years. I actually picked it up after I finished my career as an athlete and started spending more time socialising.

Ever since my first session with Issi I was right at ease and comfortable. I began seeing improvements in my general health and approach to life and began to talk about quitting smoking for life.

I’m glad to have met Issi. It takes a certain person that you know cares for you to help you overcome big obstacles in life.

Hypnotherapy worked instantly on me. I’m now moving forward with my life and will always be grateful of having stopped smoking for good.

Issi’s support and encouragement is right up there along with being genuine and sincere.

God bless you Issi and I hope many more people read my story and stop smoking as well.



I think its only fair to start with the truth. I came into this with a whole lot of skepticism, having been afraid of flying for most of my life, I didn’t believe Issi or anybody for that matter would be able to help me over come this paralysing fear.

However, it was abundantly clear after my first hypnotherapy appointment that I may of jumped the gun, so to say. With 3 simple sessions I went from panic attacks and not flying for 5 years, to taking a return flight to Melbourne earlier this month.

Having being overly judgmental of alternative therapy, I can say from a first hand experience that I was wrong, without Issi I would not have been able to look at a plane let alone hop on one just a fortnight after my third appointment.



I travelled to Sydney to have a couple of hypnosis sessions with Issi in April. I had been dealing with a chronic illness for about ten years, with a particularly bad flare up in the 6 months before my hypnosis sessions. From the sessions I hoped to regain some sort of optimism that I could heal from my illness, and also to overcome my fear of travelling, which grew out of many very challenging experiences of becoming violently ill when travelling away from home.

I warmed to Issi instantly, and was really amazed at how easily he could guide me into a state of deep relaxation – my modus operandi is usually quite ‘wired’, and I don’t find it easy to relax even when I make the time to do so.

I travelled back home feeling more optimistic than I had in a long time, and with much less anxiety during the 9 hour train journey.

On arriving home, I found I was still very relaxed, and was able to re-engage with activities that I had been too stressed to participate in. I also found I could hear my inner voice much more strongly – and it was telling me to make a dramatic life change. I went ahead with this change, and the improvement in my health has been rapid and dramatic.

One wonderful aspect of the treatment was that we had a couple of follow-up chats by phone in the weeks following the appointment. This was a kind of support I’ve not experienced before, and it really helped me to keep on track and stay optimistic.

Issi is the kind of practitioner I have been looking for for years, and I could not recommend him more highly.



For years I have been one of those people who goes on ‘health kicks’ and then gets ill or injured and then just gives up much to the detriment of my own self-image and overall happiness.

I finally decided that I’d had enough and wanted some serious help. I had trialled hypnotherapy with two other therapists in the past only to find that it would work for two weeks and then stop. I was of the opinion that hypnotherapy just didn’t work for me.

A mutual friend however recommended to see Issi and I thought I would try one last time and I will be forever grateful that I did.

Not only have I begun exercising on a regular basis but I have continued to keep my motivation through weeks of being sick and stressed all of which would have been a perfect excuse not to continuing with my training. I am now ever improving and have full confidence that I will continue with my new mentality for the rest of my life. I have even signed up to all sorts of fun runs and challenges which I would so easily have avoided before.

Issi has changed the way I look at exercise and my life as a whole. He creates such a warm and friendly environment for you to really focus on what you really want and then helps you get exactly that. I highly recommend Issi’s services if you’re ready to change and enhance your life for the better.



Ever since childhood, I have always suffered from an overwhelming sense of anxiety, particularly in regards to flying.

Around the time I was due to get married (and planning my honeymoon in Europe) I decided what better time than now to really confront my fear!

Issi came highly recommended to me by a former client, and from the very first session, the sense of calm and inner balance I felt was incredible.

I admit I was an absolute skeptic before my sessions, but theres no mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus, just Issi helping you learn to strengthen your resolve to achieving inner calm and conquering those nagging doubts.

After each session I gained a new tool or exercise I could wield against my feelings of anxiety, and with practice began to feel in greater control of my emotions.

By the time I had boarded my flight, I knew that if at any point if I felt anxious I had the tools and skills at my disposal to calmly and easily overcome it!

Don’t be put off by “hollywood ideas” of hypnotherapy, its the best decision I’ve ever made!



I have been taking my 9 year old daughter to Issi for the past 10 months now as she was suffering from anxiety. The anxiety was causing her to have issues with peers at school and at home with our family life.

Issi has treated my daughter and us as parents and since having hypnotherapy with Issi, she has become a different child! I have become a different parent! What a change.

She rarely suffers with “anxious” moments now and she is more inclined to talk about things that are worrying her rather than acting out with her emotions.She is developing better relationships with her peers at school and our family life has improved



Hypnotherapy, what can I say? I was not a follower…too many episodes of THE MENTALIST and too distrusting of what I thought was someone having control over my thoughts/actions.

But after five years of 24/7 chronic back pain and many trips and dollars spent visiting chiropractors and physiotherapists (bless them, it worked for a quick fix) I had my moment on the road to Damascus and allowed my friend Issi to give me a treatment of hypnotherapy for my back pain.

I made myself have an open mind and consequently, I was happily surprised in that a) you are not asleep and under someone’s control b) you are aware of everything but in a very lovely relaxed state just listening to Issi’s soothing voice telling you what your mind is capable of doing for your pain control.

As a result, I felt not just the wonderful sensation of being pain free (oh joy!!) but very relaxed after. I had a follow up treatment the next day before flying back to my place of abode.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and I am delighted to say that I am sleeping through the night for the first time in years whereas before the hypnotherapy treatments, every time I moved I woke with pain.

I’m awaking in the morning pain free for the first time in years and feeling refreshed and like I can face the day and actually not just ‘get through it’ but enjoy it.

It’s also nice to know that in future if/when the pain returns, I can put myself into a relaxed state and recall my sessions and free myself from the pain. What a wonderful state to be in!



I ran into Issi at our local gym, it seemed like a chance encounter as he mentioned that he had branched out his services (I had seen him previously for regular shiatsu) and I was keen to know more about hypnotherapy and whether it could help me with my confidence issues at work.

I see myself as an outgoing and somewhat confident person socially, however noticed since embarking on a new job at the beginning of the year that I found my confidence has depleted. I had also noticed there were certain aspects of the role (such as picking up the phone to make calls) and interactions with difficult personalities at work that I was becoming more and more fearful of. So I wanted to face this once and for all and tackle it through hypnotherapy!

The process kickstarted with me filling out a questionnaire prior to the first session, and from this Issi formulated a ‘script’ incorporating some of my own words and what I wanted to get out of hypnotherapy. I must admit, there were times during the sessions where I felt I was nearly at the point of falling asleep but I guess it was more that I was in such a deeply relaxed state!

Issi explained that his work isn’t about waving a magic wand and you miraculously become a changed person or change your behaviour overnight, but what he does is reinforce or aim to bring out what is already there in all of us.

It’s only been a few weeks since my last hypnotherapy session, but I have already noticed some little changes. I am no longer afraid to pick up the phone to contact clients and will stand my ground when it’s needed in work situations.

Issi’s warm and caring disposition combined with practical, spiritual advice will make you feel at ease and resonate as you begin your journey of change!

Thanks so much Issi!



Issi is a close friend of mine. I was allergic to his cat. And whenever he would invite me over to his place for a meal and to hang out, I would secretly dread it because it meant a runny and stuffy nose, difficulty in breathing, and swollen watery eyes within 10 minutes of being there, and these symptoms would last for 3 days afterward.

I would always take an antihistamine before the visit, but it didn’t make difference.

Issi suggested hypnotherapy, and though I didn’t believe it was going to work, it was worth a try. So I went to his place, expecting the allergy symptoms to show within the usual 10 mins. He ushered me quickly into his office, and after the session suggested I stay for lunch.

No symptoms! 6hrs and a dvd later, still no symptoms! Next day, clear nose and eyes, no reaction. Amazing.

That was a year ago, and I am still free from the allergy and happy to hang out at Issi’s.

Next, I had injured my upper arm and a scan revealed a tendon had been completely torn through. It was very painful, getting dressed, turning over in bed, doing everyday things.

I didn’t want an operation, and Issi suggested hypnotherapy for the pain. Again, disbelieving it would be helpful, what did I have to lose?

It was still painful the day after, but the day after that zero pain! How amazing! That was 6 months ago. Zero pain. Miraculous!

I am so grateful to Issi, he really is a miracle worker.



My experience of hypnotherapy was extremely positive.

Whilst I initially had apprehensions about what the process might involve: being unconscious and losing sense of a period of time was completely inaccurate.

Issi talked me through my issue raised in the questionnaire and then, using the soothing tone of his voice he simply guided me, step by step, into a full body relaxation, much the way one does when getting oneself into a meditative state.

Then he raised some of the things that were discussed around my issue and repeated some of the language that I used when explaining to him what life might look like without this issue; a sort of positive reinforcement.

I left the session feeling so revitalised and that a personal renewal had occurred.
I remembered who I was before I fell into my personal slump. I felt uplifted and without sounding trite – reborn!

I have maintained a positive sense of myself and, along with my personal quest for change attribute my success to Issi’s session.

I highly recommend Hypnotherapy. I equally recommend Issi as a practitioner.



My recent hypnotherapy program with Issi was great!

I mainly did it for professional reasons so I can get focused and clarity in building my business. At that time my wife and I had been trying unsuccessfully for over a year to sell our inner city home and move to a house within nature and close to work.

I wrote down the details of this house as part of my program with Issi. As instructed I let my imagination fly; architecturally designed, meditation space, peaceful and within walking distance to the beach. It was a BIG ask.

Six week later we were moving into such a house. At first I thought the only thing not in my SMARTER goals was that the house was not walking distance from the beach. Guess what? A few weeks ago we walked to the beach and it took us 25 minutes! Spot on Issi!

Also, honestly I must report that my business is now in unchartered territory in regards to growth, size and income generation. I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Thanks again Issi.


I am boxer and have started training for amateur competition about a year ago. I recently met Issi through my coach and, although I was a little sceptical about hypnotherapy and not knowing what to expect, I have decided to give it a go with an open mind.

Issi is very approachable and welcoming from our first phone call and session. Prior to our meeting, he asked me to complete a questionnaire to describe the issues I wanted to address and what my intended resolutions were. At the start of the session, Issi explained the process of hypnotherapy, what it does and does not do. That has put my mind at ease.

I have recently sustained a rib injury from illness that has brought my boxing training to a halt. That has left me in a state of uncertainty, anger, anxiety and distress. I feared that my injury would put an end to my training and destroy any further chances of competition.

Although I don’t remember every word that has been said in the hypnotherapy session, I finished feeling much calmer and my mindset has changed from fear and distress to acceptance and calmness, knowing that my injury will heal in time and it’s OK to have some down time for recovery.

I had a further session to reinforce this and to set some targets for the future. This change in my mindset is truly amazing and I am thankful for Issi’s help.

I am glad to have the opportunity to work with Issi. He has broadened my mind not only from a hypnosis perspective but also in a counselling aspect. He has given me the confidence to believe in myself again.

I intend to enlist Issi’s help again for performance improvement when I am well enough to get back to training in preparation of my next fight, and am happy to recommend hypnotherapy with Issi to my friends.



I was a chronic smoker, smoking 40 to 50 cigarettes a day and needed to reduce my smoking and eventually quit. My habit has spanned over 42 years.

I had three wonderful sessions with Issi who without judgement made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Over the sessions Issi has helped me become a happy smoker. I am now smoking between 10 to 15 cigarettes a day and still decreasing to eventually quit all together.

I am already feeling healthier and saving financially.

I feel I could not have achieved this without Issi’s help and will always be grateful to him.



I was skeptical about hypnotherapy. But, because I do use meditation and guided meditation, I thought I’d give it a go.

Results? I have to admit I was surprised. At the time of the session I felt relaxed, but I didn’t feel like I was “under” or unconscious, or anything like that. Actually, immediately afterwards I thought “I don’t think it worked because I feel relaxed but no different.”

The real surprise came the next day when I found myself thinking, “I really need to write down a fitness goal”. And then looking forward to getting to the gym. My hypnotherapy goal with Issi was to work on prioritising exercise.

I’m convinced now that hypnotherapy really can help. I like to get top up treatments occasionally and I find I go into relaxation (hypnosis) faster and I’m better able to focus on the thought changes in the days and weeks that follow.

If you’re on the fence about this I say: Give it a go!



I am a 68 year old man. All my life I have suffered from stiffness in my body. However, I was unable to discipline myself to do simple stretching exercises.

One month ago I had a hypnotherapy session with my brother Issi. I am now doing three half-hour stretching sessions a week. I do not have to force myself to do the stretching exercises, I do them effortlessly.

Prior to doing hypnotherapy, I would not have believed that I would ever do regular stretching exercises. Now I don’t just do them, I look forward to doing them.

One session of hypnotherapy has changed my life and I recommend it to anyone who like me wants to do something but lacks the disciple to make it happen.



I had struggled for a while, trying to shed 5KG, when a friend suggested
Hypnotherapy. I had never considered it before but decided it was worth looking into. So I contacted Issi with an open mind.

He was very professional, as he returned my enquiry call promptly. During the sessions I felt comfortable, as Issi is a genuinely warm & kind person. Together we discussed why I was struggling with the weight & devised plans to battle those issues, during the session, as well as between sessions i.e. Homework.

I haven’t lost the weight just yet but am much happier about committing to regular exercise, which was one of the issues holding me back. Now with my husband, we play indoor soccer every Wednesday night.



I had seen Issi years ago for Shiatsu. I still received his email updates, so when I got one saying he was now offering hypnotherapy – I was intrigued.

I was currently dealing with an issue that I had to make a firm decision on but in the past was very wishy-washy about it.

I had three sessions with Issi, but first I had to do “homework”. Some of those same words and phrases I had written for my homework ended up in the words Issi used to talk to my subconscious while I was under hypnotherapy.

You still feel aware while you are under, but you feel very very relaxed, so relaxed you could sleep but you don’t. Instead you listen to the “script” Issi says aloud and in that way – this is the script that allows you to be the person you want to be.

Outcome: I have stuck to my decision and have not reverted back to the self-defeating cycle of the past.



Attending Issi’s hypnotherapy sessions has been a most life changing experience. The scripts that Issi meticulously prepares, target the exact areas that my situation needs.

I now have the confidence and focus in my life that encourage me to reach my life goals. Issi’s professionalism and care is second to none – I have the utmost trust in him.



When I met Issi the first time I felt immediately as I would know him for many years, he was very sympathetic, calm and I especially liked his eyes and his voice. He listened to my problems of anxiety and fear of several things. There were many problems in my life at the same time, but first of all my fear of the future.

Then my first session of hypnotherapy put me into an amazing state of relaxation.
After this first meeting I left the country and we continued with meetings on Skype once a week, I admit that I was skeptical but it worked very well.

Issi helped me solve my problems and worries step by step, he had great ideas and made me think in a different way than I used to think of before. After a while we stopped our Skype sessions, but even now I very often think of our sessions and the advice Issi gave me for life and I am very thankful for all that.



I approached Issi for Hypnotherapy for help with making a new path in life, suffering from old baggage, anxiety, and physical pain.

I was impressed by his manner in taking a history and getting to know my needs. I found him easy to communicate with, especially liked his aftercare, which came across with genuine care. Issi was accommodating to my timing which was very helpful in my treatments as well.

I would recommend Issi. I feel he is knowledgeable in broad treatment styles and would make a difference to anyone.



Issi Aaronis a clinical hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy from the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.