Hypnotherapy Programs

Hypnosis for Dealing With Anxiety

“I came out of the my first session feeling an immediate improvement, which I was amazed with as I have visited psychologists in the past and never had this type of result after the session (Kathy).

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Hypnosis to Become Successful

“…I must report that my business is now in unchartered territory in regards to growth, size and income generation. (Gary)

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Hypnosis for Improving Self-Confidence

“I am glad to have the opportunity to work with Issi. He has broadened my mind not only from a hypnosis perspective but also in a counselling aspect. He has given me the confidence to believe in myself again.” (Gwen)

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Hypnosis for Dealing with Addiction

“Issi guided me through hypnotherapy and counselling to cease smoking and eliminate gambling from my life completely. As a result, my relationships with those close to me have improved and positive changes have manifested in many aspects of my life. I feel alive again!” (M)

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Hypnosis to Conquer Fear

“With three simple sessions, I went from panic attacks and not flying for 5 years to taking a return flight to Melbourne earlier this month (Matt).

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Hypnosis for Managing Pain

“I’m awaking in the morning for the first time pain-free in years feeling refreshed and like I can face the day and actually ‘not just get through it’ but enjoy it. (Nan)

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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking for Good

“Hypnotherapy worked instantly on me. I am now moving forward with my life and will always be grateful for having stopped smoking for good.” (Mike)

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Hypnosis to Lose Weight for Good

“Over the weeks, I’m eating well, weight’s going down; I’m making decisions I’d put off for years. I feel successful and happy and proud of myself.” (Sue)

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Hypnosis to Stop Binge Drinking for Good

“My issue was alcohol had slowly crept into my daily life; I was grabbing a beer at 10 am. This no longer happens!

Issi really showed me how to look at the real underlying issues that were causing me to drink. I am no longer friends with my local bottle shop staff and am enjoying my days alcohol free.” (Ben)

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