Have you ever tried to stop smoking for good?

Perhaps you’ve managed to stop smoking for a while and then went back to cigarettes. Or maybe you’ve even told yourself that you don’t really smoke that much.

Yet, even the heaviest chain smoker doesn’t smoke 100% of the time.

Over a 24-hour period there are times when you’ve already stopped smoking…

even if it’s only for a minute or two or while you’re asleep.

Now imagine you could extend those intervals between cigarettes and eventually reach a point where you wouldn’t want, need or desire a cigarette.

How would that feel? How would that change your life for the better?

Stop Smoking for Good is divided into three weekly sessions.

During this time you will learn to:
• manage stress;
• dispel negative thinking;
• prevent self-sabotaging behaviour;
• recognise you strengths and weaknesses;
• increase your self-belief and self-esteem;
• increase your motivation and willpower
• attain the goals you set; and
• stop smoking for good.


“I had a long history of smoking daily and playing the pokies on a weekly basis. I felt I could not escape the adverse impact it was having on my health and finances.

Issi guided me through hypnotherapy and counselling to cease smoking and eliminate gambling from my life completely. As a result, my relationships with those close to me have improved and positive changes have manifested in many aspects of my life”.

“I feel alive again!”


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