Have you ever gone on a diet, lost weight and then after a while put it all back on?

It’s not unusual to be able to lose weight. Everybody can and has at some time been able to lose weight.

However, 95% of people of who lose weight by dieting usually put it back when they go back to their usual habits. So the challenge is not only to lose weight but to deal with those habits so that you can lose weight for good.

Putting on weight is often about what you’re feeding at the Unconscious level.

Food nourishes and can often make us feel comfortable. However, sometimes it is used unconsciously as a substitute for emotional nurturing, lack of success, lack of confidence and fear of uncertainty.

How would you feel if you could:

• become aware of your unconscious choices;
• be no longer weighed down by the limiting beliefs;
• have control over the food you eat;
• be aware of how you can nourish and nurture yourself;
• be free to choose what to eat and make healthy food choices;
• eat mindfully and no longer struggle with food cravings; and
• look in the mirror and feel proud of yourself.

Hypnosis to Lose Weight for Good is divided into four weekly sessions.

During this time, you’ll learn to:
• realise that you always have a choice;
• manage stress;
• change the way you think about food;
• change your eating habits;
• choose more healthy food options;
• increase your self-belief, self-confidence and self-image;
• increase the motivation to eat less and exercise more; and
• increase your willpower to attain the goals you set in other areas of your life.


“I was fed up with my yo-yo weight and feeling out of control. It didn’t help I was procrastinating about important decisions that I wanted to make but just couldn’t! I wanted to start celebrating all the good things in my life. Issi helped me see it wasn’t ‘eating’ and ‘procrastinating’ that was holding me back from the reaching my goals – it was the ‘unconscious’ choices I was making.

What was relaxing and gently inspirational turned out to be mind blowing over the coming weeks. Old habits were semi-consciously and sometimes totally unconsciously broken down into bite size elements I could and did change! One little change here and there triggered an avalanche of little changes.

Over the weeks, I’m eating well, weight’s going down and I’m making decisions I’d put off for years. I feel successful and happy and proud of myself.”


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