Addiction to gambling, drugs or alcohol often reflects how you choose to deal with stress and uncertainty.

It’s natural to feel good and avoid certain stressful situations. In fact, research has found that absence of discomfort is often perceived as pleasure.

Everybody, to some degree or another, is addicted to something – whether it is an idea, a belief, a feeling, a person, an activity or a substance that provides an immediate respite from feeling uncomfortable, which then makes us feel better.

Addiction to gambling, drugs or alcohol often reflects an attitude or a choice of how you deal with stress, uncertainty and your self-esteem.

There is often a need for instant gratification, which can cause you to make poor decisions without regard for the consequences.

How would your life be better if you could:

• deal with negative thoughts and expectations;
• realise that you can make betters choices;
• raise your tolerance for uncertainty;
• raise your patience for delayed gratification;
• be more in control of your feelings;
• see more of the big picture and the consequences of your actions;
• be free of the past; and
• perform to the best of your ability.

Hypnosis for Dealing with Addiction is divided into four weekly sessions

During this time you will learn to:
• manage stress;
• dispel negative thinking;
• prevent self-sabotaging behaviour;
• recognise your strengths and weaknesses;
• increase your self-belief and self-confidence;
• increase your motivation and willpower; and
• attain the goals you set;


“Issi guided me through hypnotherapy and counselling to cease smoking and eliminate gambling from my life completely. As a result, my relationships with those close to me have improved and positive changes have manifested in many aspects of my life. I feel alive again!”


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