Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and others don’t?

Whatever is holding you back is connected to beliefs that limit or sabotage your best efforts.

Many of these beliefs and are based on unconscious habits and patterns that you may be unaware of. However, there is so much more to you than you realise and the power of your mind is incredible.

Hypnosis to Become Successful is divided into three weekly sessions.

During this time, you will learn to:
• manage stress;
• change the way you think;
• identify and get rid of the beliefs and habits that limit you;
• increase your self-confidence and self-awareness;
• rediscover your passion;
• increase the motivation to attain your goals; and
• take control of your life.


“I mainly did hypnotherapy for professional reasons so I can get focused and clarity in building my business. At that time my wife and I had been trying unsuccessfully for over a year to sell our inner city home and move to a house within nature and close to work.

I wrote down the details of this house as part of my program with Issi. As instructed I let my imagination fly; architecturally designed, meditation space, peaceful and within walking distance to the beach. It was a BIG ask.

Six weeks later we were moving into such a house. At first I thought the only thing not in my SMARTER goals was that the house was not walking distance from the beach. Guess what? A few weeks ago we walked to the beach and it took us 25 minutes!

Also, honestly I must report that my business is now in unchartered territory in regards to growth, size and income generation.


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